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The CO2 Surgical Laser

The CO2 Surgical Laser is widely accepted as a valuable tool in veterinary surgery. The advantages of the CO2 Laser in virtually every type of surgery have been well documented – less bleeding, shorter surgery and anesthesia time, less swelling, less pain, shorter hospitalization and quicker return to function. Further, the Laser offers surgical options not otherwise available for some conditions such as stenotic nares, oral tumors, auditory canal tumors and lick granulomas.

The MLS Laser

MLS Laser Therapy is a non-invasive procedure with a variety of uses. Here at Acre View Pet Hospital, it is used to aid in the healing of wounds, surgical incisions, lick granulomas, hot spots, severe ear infections and some soft tissue injuries. We also use the MLS Laser Therapy to relieve pain both acute from injury or from chronic arthritis.

3 Big Advantages
For Our Patients
With Digital X-Rays  

The x-ray appears instantly on screen and the quality of the x-ray is excellent and far superior to older generation x-ray machines.

There is no developing of film and no retakes to make the image darker or lighter. This is better for your pet and our staff too because it dramatically reduces the time the pet must be still and thus reduces their anxiety.

Digital X-Rays can be downloaded and saved on a CD for later viewing and storage. The biggest advantage is the ability to email the x-ray instantly to a specialist for review and consultation.

Actual Patient X-Ray

Congratulations Acre View On Your

1st Anniversary and Open House

July 21, 2012

We were honored to have the very first owners of Acre View

come join us at our open house.

Dr. & Mrs. Don Roach at the front desk with Dr. Ross & Dr. Barger.

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